4T48 V.2 Hydroponics System

NEW! Version 2

4T48 Hydroponics system
4T48 V.2 Hydroponics System is the perfect system to grow in an apartment, condo and HDB.
Taking only a small area of 70cm x 25cm with the height of 190cm. Fit in the kitchen, living room or balcony easily.
The system is almost self running, just refill water and nutrients when it needs more.
It holds 48 net pots, constant supplies of fresh vegetables and herbs daily, whole year round.
Model : 4T48 V.2 (4 tiers with 48 pots)
System includes the following items
  • 1    x  4 Tiers system with wheels
  • 1    x  Water pump
  • 8   x  LED grow light
  • 4   x  Leca ball
  • 48 x  Net pot
  • 1    x  ABC hydroponics Nutrients (100ml)
  • 2   x  Seeds (Lettuce and You Mai Cai)
  • 1    x  TDS & EC Meter
4T48 indoor home hydroponics system

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