Decorative plant with rich green closely curled foliage. Indispensable herb for garnishing; it underlines the flavour of foods without being dominant. It is also possible to extract essential oil from the leaves and root.



Culinary Garnish:

Fresh parsley is a fragile and mild leaf that can be added to any dish as a garnish. In this way, the nutrients will be preserved and will not evaporate in the cooking process. Pasta is one popular preparation where parsley is extensively used raw.


Soups: It can be added to soups, such as tomato soups and sauces, before serving for added flavor and aroma.


Salads and Juices: It can be consumed directly in fruit salads, vegetable salads, and fruit/vegetable juices.


Fresh and dried parsley can both be used for adding flavor to various food preparations.

Curly Parsely