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Table Garden is a self contain and fully automated with programmed light duration and 2 mode to choose from vegetable or flower plants.
Small and easy to grow, throw in the seeds, refill nutrient water and that's all!
Needs only one electrical plug, 24w, less than $3 electricity bill per month.
Perfect for office table or kitchen top.
Size: 35cm x 26cm x height 25-38cm
Auto programmed LED grow lights for Vegetable (White, Blue, Red, Infrared) and Flowering Plant (White, Red, Infrared) mode.
Water pump for circulation in 4L tank are also automatically on/off timer set with the program.
Adjustable LED grow light height from 13cm to 29cm. 
Package includes our in house germination sponge and AB Nutrient (100ml) with this system purchase.
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Introduction Video